Heartstart Saves Lives.

One of our newer Air Cadets, Cadet Finlay Allen, managed to use his Heartstart training in order to save a young girl’s life a few days ago.

The girl unfortunately collapsed and Finlay put his qualification to the test. Before the ambulance had arrived, he had managed to stop the young girl from choking on her tongue, and safely placed her into the recovery position.

He also added that he remembered to check for danger before walking onto the scene. Finlay had only just completed his Heartstart training in February and he is very thankful for what the Squadron had taught him. Well done Cadet Allen!

Finlay is a cadet at 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Squadron, RAF Air Cadets.

Heartstart is an initiative coordinated by the British Heart Foundation and cadets receive the Heartstart Training as part of their initial training when joining the RAF Air Cadets.