Central & East Has Talent

The Central & East Region’s search for talent has got under way with four talented cadets from South and East Midlands Wing putting themselves in the spotlight.

Master of Ceremonies, RWO Mike Webb

The Region’s Warrant Office, Warrant Officer Mike Webb, gave birth to the idea and turned it into an event that will run for the next six Sundays, a different wing each week and the Grand Final.

The whole show was hosted by Mr Webb courtesy of the excellent resource of Microsoft Teams.  A panel of judges was formed from Regional staff with the addition of special Guest, Wing Commander David Miller, Officer Commanding Norfolk and Suffolk Wing and selected staff and cadets from the participating wing.

Overcoming teething problems, the show got under way and four contestants gave it their best to the rather large, although unseen, audience.  Two singers, a drummer and a card trick that was performed with panache.

Jesica Sing her way to victory

At the end, the judges presented their scoring and after all results were calculated the winner from South & East Midlands Wing was declared.   In first place, and receiving the “Golden Buzzer” from Wing Commander Miller, was Cadet Jesica Brooks-Atherton of 2229(Lougborough) Squadron who sang beautifully.  Accompanying Jesica into the Final is second placed talented magician Cadet Corporal Max Faulks of 1936 (Newton) Squadron.

On summing up after the acts had been closely watched, Wing Commander Nathan Wilkes declared: “after all my years in the Region, I have seen so much talent and these performances only served to enhance my opinion of our talented cadets.  Mr Webb did an excellent job of putting the whole programme together and after initial teething problems, it all went like clockwork”

Guest “Judge” Wing Commander Miller gave it the thumbs up; “My wing (Norfolk & Suffolk) will have a lot to do to match the output from the South & East Midlands.  A big thanks to Warrant Officer Webb for organising the show and making it all happen.”  

Next Sunday is the turn of Norfolk and Suffolk Wing to impress with their talented cadets (or staff).