Are You the Country’s Oldest Surviving Air Cadet?

We are looking for those who were Air cadets at the beginning of the Air Training Corps or were members of it’s predecessor, the Air Defence Cadet Corps (ADCC)

If you are an Air Cadet “Veteran” we would love hear from you and perhaps visit you to listen to and record your memories of those early days.

The Air Training Corps (ATC) was formed in February 1941 and many young men from all over the country enrolled with the newly formed school and community squadrons in cities, towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom.

The age of joining in those days was between sixteen and eighteen years so those who signed on the dotted line at the birth of the ATC would now be in their mid 90’s, although some were allowed to start at a younger age should a squadron have the facilities to accommodate them.

The Air Training Corps derived from the Air Defence Cadet Corps (ADCC) that was founded in 1938 by the Air League of the British Empire.   Cadets from the ADCC became ATC Cadets when the ATC was formed.

A gentleman who joined the ADCC at the age of 13 in 1938, and became an ATC cadet in 1941 has asked if he could be “the oldest surviving air cadet?”   It was decided to “test the water” and so inspired us to instigate a search for Air Cadets from that period.

The gentleman in question is Ken Muddimer.  Ken commenced his cadet career at No 1 (City of Leicester) ADCC Squadron which became No1F (City of Leicester) Squadron, Air Training Corps,  

Ken was invited to visit his old squadron one evening recently to see the cadets of today and to give current cadets an idea of life as a cadet during those early days.

After an article covering Ken’s visit was published in the RAF News, another early cadet has emerged.   We are certain that there are more “founder cadets”out there that could tell us of their experiences in those early days.

If you were an Air Cadet in the early years or know of someone who was, please contact:  Squadron Leader Al Munns RAFAC at or through Headquarters Air Cadets, RAF Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 8HB (for the attention of Media & Communications)