Ken Returns After Eighty Years

Sprightly 93 year old Ken Muddimer has staked his claim to being the oldest surviving Air Cadet, he is certainly the oldest known ex cadet from Leicester’s No 1 Founder Squadron.

Ken shows Josh the name of his first CO.

 After joining at the age of 13 years Ken had already spent almost two years as a cadet in the Air Defence Cadet Corps (ADCC) when the ADCC became the Air Training Corps in February 1941, Ken then  became a cadet in the country’s first squadron, No 1 (City of Leicester).

After finishing his cadet service, Ken became a member of he Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR) training as a Flight Engineer.   The RAFVR were unable to offer Ken the opportunity he wished for so Ken eventually joined the Army spending four years in the Service during which time he became  a top  runner and excelled in shooting.  “I  loved  every minute of it” Said Ken.   

Ken visits cadets in the IT Suite

Eighty years after becoming a cadet, Ken paid a visit to his old squadron on the evening of the record breaking hottest day.   After recounting his cadet stories with the present Commanding Officer, Flight Lieutenant Emelye Kenyon RAFAC, Ken spent time being photographed by the local newspaper, the Leicester Mercury, accompanied by the squadron’s youngest cadet Josh Carvel.  Josh has been a cadet for a year and and already got first aid, shooting and leadership qualifications.  “There are so many opportunities in the Air Cadets and I have learned such a lot.  Meeting with a cadet from so long ago was unbelievable” said Josh.  

After a tour of the squadron and chatting with cadets, The Squadron’s Commanding Officer presented Ken  with a squadron shield to commemorate his visit.

Ken is presented with a squadron plaque by Flt Lt Kenyon, Officer Commanding

“Its been a fantastic evening which has brought back many memories” commented Ken as he thanked all those involved.