Spectacular Second for Region Athletes

In a keenly fought contest the athletic cadets of Central and East Region, after giving their all,  secured a tremendous second place marginally behind the winning team from London and South East Region in the Inter Region Athletics Championships.

The Central and East cadets showed their mettle and determination throughout the  competition held at the excellent Grantham Athletic Stadium.   In all classes of all the disciplines, Central and East figured strongly in the results which culminated in a fine array of silverware.  However, London and South East Region amassed a few more points relegating Central  and East to second place.

Squadron Leader Michelle Worsnop, the Region’s Sports Officer, who has inspired the Region’s  sporting cadets to achieve so much said:  “ for cadets to  have got to this event is a reflection on their excellence in their particular event.   They are competing at the highest level of Air Cadet Sport, the top athletes out of almost 40,000 cadets.   They are all to be congratulated”.    Michelle went on to thank her small team that have  helped put Central and East back on the map as well as all those  from the wings and region who have helped on the day.

The headline results:

Class A Boys 1st Place with 58 Points

Class B Youths 3rd Place with 44 Points

Class C Junior Men 4th= Place with 36 Points

Class D Junior Girls 1st Place with 62 Points

Class E Senior Girls 1st Place with 54 Points

Overall 2nd Place with 254 Point