Staff from throughout the South and East Midlands Wing have attended the Prospective Uniform (PU) Course which was held at RAF Wittering over the weekend 10 – 11 June as part of their ongoing career development. SEM june 17 (8)
Twenty-two Civilian Instructors (CIs) took part in the Staff Development Team (SDT) course which serves as an introduction to the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC) or to assist in the decision making process for candidates who are at the point of choosing a career as a Commissioned Officer or Senior Non Commissioned Officer within the Cadet Forces.
The weekend consists of an introduction into the expectations of uniform Service and RAFAC staff policies and roles. An essential in depth aspect of training relates to Health and Safety and the management of cadet welfare with in depth group debate forming an important aspect of the course, especially in relation to social media and scenarios that staff are likely to encounter during their service.SEM2017-06-10 09.24.16
Instruction is also received in the structure of both the RAFAC and the Royal Air Force with current RAF and NATO operational commitments along with current events discussed at length.
Running alongside the PU Course, other Civilian Instructors from throughout the South and East Midlands who have recently joined the RAFAC took part in their initial two day staff training as part of the Civilian Instructors Induction Course which is a compulsory requirement for all new staff.
Warrant Officer Phillips is a long serving member of the Staff Development Team and delivered part of the weekend training. He said “The Prospective Uniform Course is a comprehensive two day course that is aimed at developing our volunteer staff and providing them with the knowledge and confidence to progress into a uniformed role within the organisation”.
The course is staffed by the SDT and covers a wide ranging training portfolio designed to provide guidance to Wing staff. The June PU CI Course is the inaugural course run by the new LDC senior officer, Squadron Leader Lynda Waplington – Richards who has recently taken over command from Sqn Ldr Mark Richards who has stood down from the post after a successful 2 years in command.
Sqn Ldr Waplington – Richards said “It is exciting times ahead for the courses as I intend to revamp and shape the content for increased staff development making them more streamlined and diverse and fit for purpose.”