BEESTON Squadron Welcomes New Year Success


Jubilation was the order of the night as 1359 (BEESTON) Squadron saw three promotions and two awards.

1359 jan 17 promotionsCadet Corporal Hannah Black (16) was promoted to Cadet Sergeant after demonstrating over the previous year her strong abilities as a Cadet Non Commissioned Officer (CNCO). Joining the much sought after position of junior Cadet NCO and beginning their well-deserved climb up the achievement ladder, Cadet Asher Harrison (14) and Cadet Harriet Ellisdon (15) were promoted from the ranks to Cadet Corporal.

Together they will begin their cadet NCO journey and learn leadership skills that shall provide them with responsibilities and opportunities greater than those of their contemporaries from outside of the Air Training Corps. They will go on to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and attitudes which are required to perform an often difficult role as junior leaders within the cadet rank structure.

Roles which the new corporals shall come to learn and understand will be the ability to Control a section of cadets under their direct supervision, the maintenance of good conduct, behaviour and discipline while exercising appropriate welfare responsibilities for their fellow cadets. For Cadet Sergeant Black these responsibilities shall only increase.

Officer Commanding 1359 Sqn, Flight Lieutenant Phil Bannister said “It was an easy choice to promote our two new corporals. Both are keen, hardworking and very much contribute to cadet life. They will be great role models for those who wish to follow in their footsteps”.