Local Cadets Hit the Mark

Two local RAF Air Cadets were this week celebrating after they brought home the silverware following an annual target shooting competition held at RAF Halton, in Buckinghamshire.
Cadet Sergeant Annabel Parry (aged 18), and Cadet Jack Brewill (aged 17) helped the Trent Wing Target Shooting team to steal first place at the Regional Target Shooting competition.
The annual competition, in which four teams participated, required cadets to use an air rifle from a laid or prone position, on a 5.5 meter range.
The Cadets from 195 (Grimsby) Squadron formed just part of the team, which also comprised of two cadets from 866 (Immingham) Squadron, scored 96 points each (out of a possible 100).
Flight Lieutenant Rob Flint, acting Shooting Officer at 195 (Grimsby) Squadron, said: “These cadets have performed superbly.
“They began the competition in third place, but steadily worked their way up the rankings, hitting first in only the last two rounds, where they gained the highest score yet achieved in the competition.
“The scored an average of 375.1 points per round, and would’ve achieved their regional marksmanship badges [had they not already surpassed this previously].
“Historically, this trophy has tended to belong to our Wing, with the team usually comprising of Grimsby and Immingham cadets, and this year was no different.”
Cadet Sergeant Annabel Parry said: “I really enjoyed the competition. I shot really well, and was really pleased with the result.”
Cadet Jack Brewill said: “We were hoping for a top two spot, so to take first place is just incredible. Hopefully we’ll be able to repeat the success next year.”