Preparing for the Return to the Ranges.

Target Shooting and Skill at Arms are core activities within the Air Cadet Experience, although the practical side of these disciplines is currently on hold, courses have been prepared through Ultilearn to help refresh these skills and increase your knowledge in preparation for the return to range work and Skill at Arms Training.

The following courses can now be accessed; “Cadet Weapons Systems, Safe Handling of Cadet Weapon Systems and Marksmanship Principles.  To further assist, posters are available supporting the syllabus.

Headquarters Air Cadets Subject Matter Experts have produced “How to Guide #10” which details how to access the courses and resources.  The “How to Guide #10” for cadets and staff are available on the Air Cadet Website, Hanger and Resources.

To compliment the HQ RAFAC issued resources, your Small Arms Training Team (SATT) and Regional Shooting Team have prepared further self-study material. This includes the following ; “Introduction to the Air Rifle, Introduction to the L144A1, Introduction to the L98A2, Introduction to the L81A2 and “Anatomy of Ammunition. These will all make excellent virtual parade night resources and can be accessed at this BADER LINK.

Cadets and CFAV’s are advised to keep the squadron Shooting Officer informed of progress and to ask any questions related to the courses.