Central & East Has Talent

Cdt Sgt Liam Dagnall on his way to a Golden Buzzer

The Central & East Region’s search for talent continued on Sunday with Talented cadets from Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing putting themselves in front of an invisible panel of judges.

Seven cadets represented of the Wing and gave their all in pursuit of the two places available for the Final Showdown next week.  

The whole show was hosted by the Region’s Warrant Officer, Mr Mike Webb, courtesy of the excellent resource of Microsoft Teams.  A panel of judges was formed from Regional staff with the addition of special Guest, the Commandant Air Cadets Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer Clinton Marsh and selected staff and cadets from the participating wing.

The talent on display was of calibre that reflected the diversity and skill of the participants. This week featured singers, an accordion player and an impersonator of managers and pundits from the world of football. For the first time in the contest a Civilian Instructor bravely put herself in the firing line delivering a polished singing performance. The standard of the performances again greatly impressed the panel of judges.   Two of the performances so impressed the judges they earned “The Golden Buzzers”.

Wing Commander Nathan had held on to his Golden Buzzer from the start of the competition six weeks ago but today felt that the performance of Cadet Sergeant Liam Dagnall (165 (Castle Bromwich) Squadron) on his accordion was of a sufficiently impressive standard to have earned his award.  

The other Golden Buzzer Award went to Cadet Zakk Dienn with an excellent performance that earned the praise, and the Golden Buzzer, from the Commandant’s Warrant Officer.   Zakk represented 479 (Rubery) squadron.  

After the points had been totalled, the results from the viewing audience gave the first place for this week to Cadet Lucia Gervas who wonderfully delivered her vocal number.

The remaining place for the final was awarded to Cadet Sergeant Joe Renwick who delivered a popular song accompanying himself brilliantly on his electric guitar.

Both First and Second placed cadets are from492 (Solihull) Squadron and will be in the Grand Final next week.