Central & East Has Talent

This weeks winner from Sleaford Sqn – Cdt Cpl Lauren Griffen-Edmonson

The Central & East Region’s search for talent continued on Sunday with Talented cadets from Trent Wing putting themselves in front of an invisible panel of judges.

Seven cadets represented of the Wing and gave their all in pursuit of the two places available for the Final Showdown in a few weeks time.  

The whole show was hosted by the Region’s Warrant Officer, Mr Mike Webb, courtesy of the excellent resource of Microsoft Teams.  A panel of judges was formed from Regional staff with the addition of special Guest, Wing Commander Matt Oram, Officer Commanding Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire Wing, and selected staff and cadets from the participating wing.

The talent on display was of the highest calibre and diversity ranging from Juggling on horseback, through singing and instrumentals to signing for a popular song. The standard of the performances greatly impressed the panel of judges.   Two of the performances so impressed the judges they  earned “The Golden Buzzers”.

a Golden Buzzer for Cdt Sgt James Broughton of 1237 Sqn

Wing Commander Oram gave his Golden Buzzer Award to Cadet Sergeant James Broughton of 1237 (North Hykeham) squadron for an excellent guitar solo, a performance made even more impressive when he informed the judges he was self taught.

The second Golden Buzzer was presented by Squadron Leader Paul James to Cadet Sergeant Robinson for a beautifully sung song that was delivered with great confidence, skill and voice range.  Two other judges indicated that if the Golden Buzzer hadn’t already been applied, they would have pressed theirs.   A wonderful performance from the Retford Squadron cadet.

After the points had been totalled, the results from the viewing audience gave the first place for this week to Sleaford cadet, Corporal Lauren Griffen-Edmonson for another wonderfully performed vocal number.

The remaining place for the final was awarded to Cadet Parker from 1803 (Hucknall) squadron who “sang” a popular song in sign language.  A remarkable skill and performed with great confidence.  Well deserving a place in the Final.

Next Sunday is the turn of Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing to impress with their talented cadets (or staff).