Central & East Has Talent

The Show’s Host, Warrant Officer Mike Webb

The Central & East Region’s search for talent continued on Sunday with a Talented cadet from Norfolk and Suffolk Wing putting herself in the spotlight.

The Cadet was the sole representative of the Wing and gave a magnificent rendition of a popular song with words changed to suit the current situation and provide some light hearted relief.  

The whole show was hosted by the Region’s Warrant Officer, Mr Mike Webb, courtesy of the excellent resource of Microsoft Teams.  A panel of judges was formed from Regional staff with the addition of special Guest, Wing Commander Matt Oram, Officer Commanding Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Wing and selected staff and cadets from the participating wing.

Wing Commander Oram was fulsome in his praise for an excellent performance highlighting the difficulty of performing to a computer screen and a hidden audience, “very well done”

Although the only competitor from the Wing and therefore qualifying for a place in the Final on the 14th June, the Cadet would undoubtedly have got through on merit.

Next Sunday is the turn of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Wing to impress with their talented cadets (or staff).