Leading Cadet Notebooks

For cadets concerned about starting or completing their Leading Cadet training, help is at hand with the publication of the Leading Cadet Notebooks.

The Notebooks have been developed by a small team of trainers and subject matter experts with the aim of preparing cadets for Leading Cadet Examinations on Ultilearn.

Covering the syllabus subjects the Notebooks will give the tools required for a cadet to progress through the different subjects without an instructor. The Notebooks are split into two section; Pass, gives questions to answer that will help when it comes to taking the Ultilearn Exam and a Develop section gives the opportunity to learn about the subject above that which will be required for the Exam.

The Notebooks are available to download from the Leading Cadet Folder within Ultilearn. The “How to Guide #4 – Leading Cadet Notebooks” gives cadets and staff further information and is available on RAFAC Website under The Hanger/Resource Downloads.

Before starting to use the Notebooks, ensure that you have the software to run it and that the Squadron Training Officer is aware and cadets are properly qualified to advance through this stage.