Lincolnshire Air Cadets on the Air

Three Lincolnshire Air Cadets have been interviewed live on BBC Radio Lincolnshire by presenter Rob Makepeace during his morning show.
The three, Cadet Flight Sergeant Jack McGrory from Scunthorpe, Cadet Erin Jarvis of Lincoln and Cadet Charles McNab from Coningsby, were all attending the Central & East Region RAF 100 camp at the East Midlands Training Area, Beckingham.
During the fifteen minutes of the interview they spoke of the reason they joined the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, the activities they normally get up to and the activities they have been involved in whilst at Beckingham. They also spoke of their future career paths which, for the three, involved some form of service with the Royal Air Force.
Rob Makepeace declared himself impressed with the confidence, eloquence and smartness of the cadets and thanked them for their time.
For the cadets there was another treat in store as Danny Jones, who was part of the group McFly, agreed to have his photograph taken with the cadets whilst he was visiting the studio.