A Field of Gold

It wasn’t quite a Gold Rush for Trent Wing at this year’s Central and East Region Athletics Competition, but a wealth of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals mixed with full participation in all the classes, so Trent take the top spot!
With 48 cadets from across the full spread of the wing making up the 2018 team, the medal haul totalled 16 Gold, 11 Silver and 10 Bronze. There were some epic races on the track, with very close finishes against their fellow competitors, and some closely scored field events. Out of the 6 wings present, reaching from North London to the Humber and The Wash to the Peak District, Trent Wing placed in the top three for all the 5 classes.
Squadron Leader Michelle Worsnop, Trent Wing’s Sports Officer said ‘ Its been a great team effort and every single member of the team has given it their all today, I’m truly proud of each and every 
one of them’. Her words were echoed by Wing Commander Tony Wright, Officer Commanding Trent Wing, who during the final presentations of the day, paid tribute to all the staff who made the event happen and also commented on what a great atmosphere there was.

The overall scores saw Trent Wing come joint 3rd in Class A, the Junior boys competition, 1st in the Class B Senior Boys Competition, 2nd in the Class C Junior Mens, 2nd in the Class D Junior Girls and 3rd in the Class E Senior Girls group.
Many of the Cadets will now go onto represent Central and East Region RAF Air Cadets at the Inter Region or National Competition, being held in Telford on the 23rd June.