St Albans Squadron the 2017 Overnight Exercise!


220 ONITE2017-20171013-16-smallThe 2017 Annual Overnight Exercise took place on Friday 13 October. As in many previous years, it was held at RAF Halton. This year was the debut of the ‘figure 8’ route.

As always, teams turned up to check in at the New Workshops within the grounds of RAF Halton. After a Kit Check, for which points can be gained or lost, teams were given their number and allocated a start time.

Briefings then ensued for the team leaders and the staff, covering safety points, before the teams were called individually to the starting table. On leaving the New Workshops each teams time started for the first loop of the route. All teams would be given a time limit in which to complete the first loop of the route, finishing at the New Workshops where they would be released for the second loop of the route. Whilst on the route, the teams had to find grid references in order for them to answer questions along the way (in total darkness). Their answers to these questions can also influence their points.ONITE2017-20171013-23-small

Additionally, the time it takes the team to complete the course affects their points score so speed is of the essence, a factor which has not changed in this Annual Exercise for many years!

After a long night, most of the teams made it to the finish line, and all had time for a couple of hours of sleep. They were all rewarded with Breakfast in Maitland Mess, some Cadets enjoying this experience more than others! Once everyone had eaten it was back to the New Workshops for Final Parade to announce the top 3 teams!
First Place went to 220 (St Albans), Second place to 871 (Penn) and Third place went to 1239 (Broxbourne & Hoddesdon).

Squadron Leader S Cooper RAFVR(T) said “…the event was a success and this is down to the efforts and dedication from the volunteers who come along year after year…”