Commandants’ Certificate for Adrian

For his effort, dedication and contribution to the development of Cadets within the Wing  and his squadron, Flight Lieutenant Adrian Garraway was recently awarded a Commandant’s Commendation.

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Adrian who is Officer Commanding 2229 (Loughborough) Squadron was recently presented with the Certificate by Officer Commanding South & East Midlands Wing, Wing Commander Andy Pass.
The citation for the award is quoted:
Flight Lieutenant Garraway began his career with the 2229 (Loughborough) Squadron as a Cadet.  He progressed through the Cadet ranks and made the transition to Adult Warrant Officer.  After a break, Mr Garraway returned to the Air Training Corps as a Civilian Instructor with 1220 March Squadron and commissioned into the RAF VR(T) on 18 Jun 2003. Flight Lieutenant Garraway transferred back to Loughborough as a squadron officer at the end of 2007 due to relocation.
He has held the role as Officer Commanding 2229 (Loughborough) Squadron for eight years. Loughborough Squadron is transient in nature – drawing a great number of its Senior Cadets and Staff from the attendees of Loughborough University which in itself makes delivering a constant and quality Cadet Experience all the more challenging. Flight Lieutenant Garraway has taken this in his stride and maintains consistency on the unit through proactive and detailed planning. Under his command the unit has succeeded at Regional Level winning the Drill Competition in 2011 and 2012. In addition the Squadron Ensemble represented the Wing at Regional level in 2016.
Flight Lieutenant Garraway encourages Squadron engagement with the wider community – when the local Sea Cadet Unit lost their facilities due to fire the Squadron supported them for a considerable amount of time with training, resources and loan of equipment. In 2016 the Squadron was recognised for its contribution to the community in the Pride of Charnwood Awards – winning the Youth supporting Charnwood category.
In addition to this time consuming role and a very demanding civilian day job within the IT industry, he has been an extremely active member of directing staff on the Wing Cadet Development Team since 2012.
In 2013 Flight Lieutenant Garraway became Course Director of the Staff Cadet Course (SCC).  The SCC is delivered through a one day course and there are a minimum of five courses per year. The course delivers training to circa 100 Cadets per year and Garraway has personally delivered the training to over 500 cadets within South & East Midlands Wing.
Flight Lieutenant Garraway has shown exceptional dedication and commitment to the ACO over a number of years.  These attributes are clearly evident in his determination to enable the enhancement of Wing level Cadet training.  During 2015 Garraway undertook a comprehensive process of review and update to the content of the SCC.  In particular his active leadership of the six directing staff has ensured the ACO BASIC content delivered during the course has improved significantly by meeting the needs of the cadets and offering a more interactive style of delivery.
Flight Lieutenant Garraway and his team have worked hard to ensure that the students receive this extremely important BASIC content in a highly engaging learning environment.  The paramount consideration being that, as well as knowing the theory behind this all important subject matter, the students feel confident and able to put their training into practice following completion of the course.
Through the hard work and dedication of Flight Lieutenant Garraway the BASIC content is provided to students in a manner that they enjoy, ensuring positive learning experiences are achieved in 2016”.