‘1109 Cadets Get Artistic’


A group of cadets from 1109 (Thetford) Squadron are getting their paint brushes out and taking part in the Arts Award. Run by Trinity College London, this gives cadets the opportunity to achieve a Level 1 Award on the Qualifications Credit Framework. 1109 image1 (6)
The Bronze award is split into four sections and include taking part in a form of art, attending an exhibition as part of an audience, research a person in the arts industry and share skills by teaching a group of people. Cadets at 1109 are undertaking this qualification using a variety of resources including computerised graphic design, casualty simulation (make up effects), photography as well as drawing and painting.
The cadets spent Sunday 12th March planning the pathway for their award and take part in new forms of art such as colour matching and crochet.
At 1109 Squadron, the award is run by Flight Lieutenant Juliane Gregg who also undertakes the role as Wing BTEC Officer for Norfolk and Suffolk and after working towards the completion of Part A, the cadets are well on their way to achieving the Bronze Award.