Exciting Opportunity for Air Cadet as Squadrons Link Up

RAuxAF Sqn Cadet Sgt Josh Lees
A West Nottingham Air Cadet is the first to be given a special position that will enable him to experience the life of a Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF) reservist for a year.


Cadet Sergeant Josh Lees of 504 (West Nottingham) Squadron (Sqn) is to become the RAuxAF Sqn Cadet after the Air Training Corps (ATC) unit officially linked up with its senior namesake, 504 (County of Nottingham) Sqn


Throughout the next 12 months, Josh, who is aged 17, will accompany the RAF Wittering based Reserve unit at various public events and also be invited on training exercises.


It is intended that every year a cadet will be chosen for the position which will help build the link between the two units.


Pilot officer Rod Stair of West Nottingham Air Cadets, said: “The biggest thing for a cadet is the experiences you receive and this is a tremendous opportunity for Josh.


“Cadets had to apply for the role and we believe Josh will relish this opportunity as he is interested in going on to work in the Royal Air Force.


“This will advance the link between our two units which will continue to grow over the years to the benefit of both our squadrons.”


504 (County of Nottingham) Sqn was formed as a Special Reserve unit in March 1928 and transferred into the RAuxAF in May 1936.  During World War Two it saw active service as a RAF Fighter Command unit and was honoured for its service in the Battle of Britain, at Normandy and at Arnhem.


Today, 504 (County of Nottingham) Sqn is based at RAF Wittering in Cambridgeshire where it forms part of 85 (Expeditionary Logistics) Wing.  The Squadron provides RAF Reservist drivers, suppliers and chefs; fully trained, equipped and ready to support the Royal Air Force on enduring operations at home and abroad.


Its Officer Commanding, Squadron Leader Andy Ham, said: “The Air Cadet Organisation does amazing work developing youngsters, building self-confidence and teaching vital life-skills that will serve them well in the future.


“It’s a real honour for us to contribute in a small way to the excellent work 504 (West Nottingham) Sqn Air Cadets is doing for teenagers in the Bilborough area of Nottingham.


“Josh is an outstanding cadet and we look forward to him joining us here at Wittering during training weekends and at a number of exciting, high profile events throughout the year.”

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