Duo Complete First Flight as Cadets

Two Grimsby youngsters have completed their first air experience flights as members of the RAF Air Cadets.
Cadet Duncan and Cadet Evas completed their first flights behind the controls of a Grob Tutor training aircraft at RAF College Cranwell195 DSC_2803, Lincolnshire.
The two cadets graduated at 195 (Grimsby) Squadron earlier this year, opening up to them and their class mates a host of cadet activities, including flying and aerobatics.
Flight Leuitenant Terance Shird, Officer Commanding 195 (Grimsby) Squadron, said: “These cadets have only just begun to experience the opportunities that the RAF Air Cadets can offer.
“We have had cadets in the past that have gained flying and gliding scholarships, taken the aircraft up, completed advanced manoeuvres, and then landed the aircraft.
“These cadets are now able to take advantage of the flying and gliding opportunities that we can offer to expand on their abilities and flying experience.”
Cadet Evans said: “My first flight was really great. We began with several basic manoeuvres to get used to the controls, and then I got to try some aerobatics.”
Cadet Duncan added: “The barrel roll was by far my favourite move of the day. To experience G-force as you turn the plane is really strange.”