‘Thetford Squadron put on a Show for Families and Friends’


1109 (Thetford) Squadron opened up their doors on Thursday 4th August to families and friends of the cadets, staff and squadron. Thetford FamiliesIMG_6254
The evening involved displays ranging from sports, projects, Adventure Training and Fieldcraft to First Aid and Aircraft Modelling. As well as this the Squadron’s Drill Team who had recent success in the Wing Competition put on a faultless display in front of over one hundred spectators. The two cadet flights, Spitfire and Hurricane, then went head to head in a truck pull and after a ‘best of three’, Hurricane came away victors.
Officer Commanding 1109 Sqn, Flight Lieutenant Samuel Chapman-Allen said, ‘What a thoroughly enjoyable evening. This event gave the cadets the opportunity to show off in front of their parents, friends and guardians and allow them to see the fantastic achievements their children have made’. The Squadron’s Civilian Committee ran a fantastic BBQ and raffle to help raise money for the on-going fundraising efforts.
It is always fantastic to see cadets join as recruits and develop both individually and as part of a team through their time on the Squadron. As a Squadron we are always delighted to make promotions and it was a very successful night for a number of cadets. The evening saw promotions to Corporal for Cadets Mantvydas Senkus, Mauro Pereira and Jen Law as well as promotions to Sergeant for William Kimber and Ben Stevenson. All these cadets have made fantastic progress over a period of time and will continue to lead the junior cadets.
This event also saw the formal introduction of the Squadron’s newest members to the Corps. Cadet’s Kyle Brown, Robert Shields, Jordan Valentine, Drew Chapman, Owen Clark and Joshua Plumley all made their promise to Queen and Country in a ceremony lead by the Squadon’s Padre, Reverend Helen Jary.