Air Cadet Time Capsule

75th Anniversary Time Capsule flown to Wattisham Squadron

Air Cadets from 432 (Woodbridge) Squadron, Air Training Corps, delivered the Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Time Capsule to Cadets From Wattisham Squadron this weekend. The activity is part of the 75th Anniversary of the Air Cadets event endeavouring to visit every Squadron within the Norfolk and Suffolk Wing with the aim of burying the time capsule at Wing Headquarters in Norwich later this year. Every Squadron will place a memorable item from the Squadron to be dug up during the 100th Anniversary year. IMG_4059
Each Squadron has been asked to deliver the time capsule in a novel way and Michael Knights who is a member of the Old Buckingham Flying Club came up with the idea to fly it between the two Squadrons. Firstly it was picked up from Woodbridge Squadron by the Squadron Padre Rob Watson and transported to Bentwaters Park on the back of his motorbike. With help from Bentwaters Park at Rendlesham, Mr Knights who is also a Warrant Officer at Woodbridge flew his Piper PA28 into ex RAF Bentwaters and collected the time capsule from cadet brothers Leo and Oliver Karralp from Woodbridge Squadron. Michael then flew it to Elmsett Airfield where he was met by Cadet Sergeant Rhys Linge and Cadet Lewis Woolston from Wattisham Squadon and the Time Capsule was duly handed over to continue the next phase of its journey .
Flight Lieutenant Turner said “ I’d like to commend Mike for organizing the delivery of this anniversary Time Capsule from Woodbridge to Wattisham. Every Squadron has so far put in a small memento and we have joined them. Although in 25 years’ time I’ll no longer be Officer Commanding of 432 Squadron I look forward to its opening and seeing the faces of the cadets when the items are revealed. These cadets could in fact be the children of the cadets we have with us today. As for what we put in there, well that will remain a bit of a surprise”.