Keen Competition at Ely

B&C IMG_0016Last Saturday Air Cadets from the Eastern Sector of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing; 104 (Cambridge), 1094 (Ely), 1451 (Haverhill), 2417 (Newmarket), 2461 (Sawston), 2523 (Linton) and 2524 (Oakington) Squadrons all converged in Ely for some friendly competition.
The Air Cadets took part in a set of exercises to test leadership, lateral thinking and teamwork to win the Eastern Sector Trophy. Each Squadron entered a team of up to eight cadets to take part in exercises. Each of the exercises were varied to test different aspects of leadership and teamwork, drill for example shows hard work and commitment, first aid teaching cadets a practical skill which as many uses and leadership exercise which teach cadets teamwork and leadership skills.
Scoring was tight but ultimately it was Linton Squadron which finished up top, congratulations to all of the cadets in the team. Cadet Flight Sergeant Willson from Ely Squadron said “It was good fun watching the team compete against the other Squadrons, they all worked very well together and looked like they had a great time.”
During the day we were joined by the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing Commander Tony Kelly RAFVR(T) who got a chance to see the activities that the cadets had been participating in as well as taking final parade. He said after the event “Eastern Sector Field Day is one of the best events that we do, its great to see that every Squadron has a team participating. I would like to thank all the cadets and staff that made the day possible, with special thanks to Warrant Officer Tab Robelou for putting on the event and to Ely Squadron for hosting.”