Day Walk for New Recruits

As part of their final training before passing out into the main squadron all new recruits to 1401 (Alfreton & Ripley) Squadron, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, are invited to attend a day walk at Black Rocks in Cromford, Derbyshire
During the walk the recruits are able to utilise the map reading skills they have been taught as part of their first class training as well as areas of their initial expedition training.
In total 14 cadets attend the walk, this included four senior cadets who were helping to support the new recruits and work on their own navigation skills for when they complete their Duke of Edinburgh award expeditions later in the year.

1401 (1)
The walk took the cadets around Cromford Moor, where they were able to take part in a number of navigational exercises. The cadets were asked to orientate their map based on key features, as well as learning how to identify geographical features found on their map and identifying them on the land around them. With the walk taking a circle route around Cromford Moor, the cadets were able to take in the fantastic views from the top of Black Rock’s, before finishing off at the cafe for tea and cakes.
Flight Sergeant Tidmarsh, the squadron Adventure Training Officer said; “Despite the cold weather, the cadets were able to learn some valuable navigational skills and it was great to see how quickly they learnt and applied these skills”.