‘Melton Air Cadets Cooking Challenge’

On Thursday the 21st of January, the Air Cadets of 1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron took part in an inter-flight ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ challenge, hosted by professional chef, Tim Deacon.
From the start of the night, the cadets were battling it out to win the title of ‘MasterChefs’.
The cadets had half an hour to prepare for the challenge, after that all of their food choices were final. To prepare, the cadets were given a list of ingredients from which they could only choose a limited selection. With more than ten cadets in each group (red flight and green flight), they were constantly under pressure to organise themselves and assign themselves roles.
Cadet Corporal Sam Page, aged 14, a member of the winning flight, commented “It was a real challenge. There was a constant sense of competition between flights.”
The winner was announced by Mr. Deacon who congratulated the cadets: “It was very impressive to see what the cadets achieved under such difficult conditions. I would’ve struggled. They should all be very proud of themselves, especially green flight who narrowly won.”
Article written by Cadet Corporal Joseph Roper