2195 Squadron’s 67th Annual Dining In

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To celebrate a year of success, 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron, RAF Air Cadets, congregated at a local Holiday Inn for a night of fine cuisine and company, and to dine in two new members of staff and dine out two much-loved members of staff.
The event was attended by Wing Commander Nigel Dickinson and Mrs Dickinson, Squadron Leader CarlWilson, Flight Lieutenant Jack Stepanian and Pilot Officer Katie Macpherson at the top table. Flying Officer Lawrence Buckingham, having recently taken on the post of Officer in Charge(OiC) at the squadron, hosted the event.
The evening kicked off at 1800 hours – cadets, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers(SNCOs) and officers, Civilian Instructor(CIs) and the members of the Civilian Committee meeting in the foyer of the building to socialize and greet those attending before all sat down at 1830 to begin the meal.
The cadets enjoyed a wonderful meal – tomato soup for starters, a turkey roast for mains and chocolate fudge cake for dessert.
After dinner there was a toast and a short comfort break, followed by speeches made by the current OiC (Flying Officer Buckingham), the former Commanding Officer (Flight Lieutenant Stepanian) and the most senior Cadet NCO (Cadet Warrant Officer Damien Simpson).
Awards were then presented for best NCO (Cadet Sergeant James Bland), best Cadet (Cadet Lucy Scott), most improved cadet (Cadet Amber Newton), best sportsman/woman (Cadet Sergeant Craig Harrison and Cadet Mackenzie Fearon), best new recruit (Cadet Anthony Robertson), and the Noble Prize (CI Tolson). It was also an opportunity to present a thank you present to former Cadet Warrant Officer Rebecca Parr, who aged out of the organisation earlier in the month which was followed by a short speech of her career.
After the speeches, awards and entertainment from the vice, Cadet Anthony Robertson, a disco was put on, inviting both good and bad dance moves and much energetic celebration from some of the cadets, one of whom, Cadet Olivia Olsson. She said; “Being the first Dining in Night I’ve been to, I wasn’t to sure on what to expect. But in the end, I couldn’t have asked for a better night.”

Written by Cadet Lucy Scott
2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron ATC