What Did You Do this Weekend?


Air Cadets from 301 (Bury St Edmunds) Squadron kept themselves busy over the weekend learning new skills.

Three of the Squadron’s senior cadets, Cadet Sergeant (Sgt) Owen Borley, Sgt Emma Creasey and Cadet Corporal Elliott Potter were invited to West Tofts camp in Norfolk to be taught ‘paddlesport’ skills.

They were part of a 30 strong team of cadets from across the Norfolk and Suffolk Wing that were given the chance to achieve their 1-Star and 2-Star awards. Giving them opportunity to develop a practical understanding of the fundamentals of paddling: Posture, Connectivity, Power Transfer and Feel.

The cadets were given instructions and shown different techniques on how to paddle, including a stern rudder and a draw stroke. To achieve there 1 star award they also had to carryout capsize drills and learn about the risks and safety requirements around water.

Whilst the senior team where getting their feet wet the junior cadets remained firmly on dry land. A total of 24 cadets were taken by Squadron staff to the Bradfield Scout Campsite in Bradfield Combust. Of this cadre were two Bronze Duke of Edinburgh teams, one on their first practice expedition and the second on their assessed. The remaining 13 cadets were the most junior cadets only joining the Sqn in the last year. They were given the opportunity to experience camping, often for the first time (not including in their back garden) and learn basic map and compass skills.

On the Saturday evening some even took to toasting marshmallows on the camp fire and gazing at the stars without the light pollution from any street lighting. In the morning they were treated to a morning of archery at the purpose built range on the camp site. All the cadets on the camp really enjoyed themselves, even with the early start there was never a moment smiles were not seen.