2195 Go Sporty at Crickets Top Match

cricket 2 (1)Wednesday 17th June 2015, Cadet Warrant Officer Rebecca Parr and Cadet Corporal Catherine McHale of 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron, Air Cadets, went to help out at the One Day International cricket match between England v New Zealand at the famous Trent Bridge Ground in Nottingham.

The day was long and eventful enjoyed by all the cadets who went, the cadets had a variety of tasks to do during the day ranging from meeting and greeting the public from Trent Bridge and car parks to guarding the press room to watching a bit of cricket and running the photo booth as well as having breaks and being on walkabout.

The day was long and very tiring however, everybody enjoyed the time they had there having watched England win and taking part in the occasional Mexican Wave, having free ice Cream, playing a quick little game of table Cricket and even finding a bar named after the Cadet Warrant Officer!

Cadet Corporal McHale said “I really enjoyed the day very much it was fun and eventful, I also met some nice people from other Squadrons and saw people I had met before. I do hope to take part in a day like that again when I next have the chance”.