2195 go flying!

2195 go flying!


Recently Cadet Corporal Taylor and Cadet Pierpont, Sanderson, Scott, Smith and Upton of 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron, got to go to RAF Cranwell to experience powered flight. They were picked up at 7:30 by a coach, moving onto 1359 (Beeston) and 348 (Ilkeston) Squadrons as they accompanied them to the airfield.

Arriving at 0915, the 6 Air Cadets were given a flight safety brief before being kitted out, five at a time, with flight suits, parachutes, gloves and helmets, each before being led out onto the airfield to board their respective planes.

Cadets, (for most being their first time) were taken up by an experienced pilot who allowed them to take control of the aircraft after instructing them what to do. Those that were not flying for the first time were able to carry out somersaults with the aircraft, such as barrel rolls and loop the loops. Cadets were given a time of around half an hour in the air.

All who attended highly recommend going flying as it is a privilege to be able to watch the world from a height of 4,000 ft and experience the g-force in quite the same way. If you are ever given the chance to go flying, you are advised to take it, as there isn’t a feeling quite like flying.