Let’s get bag packing!

Recently Cadets and staff from 2195 Long Eaton Squadron were at the local Iceland store completing a bag pack. The bag pack, organized by Cadet Flight Sergeant Simpson, was to raise money for the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation (JTYAF).

Bag pack 1 (2) The JTYAF is in memory of Lieutenant John Thornton Royal Marines, a former graduate of the Air Cadet Junior Leaders Course, who fell whilst serving in Afghanistan 30th March 2008. He graduated as the Top Student of his course and went on to be a service instructor helping the next generation of Junior Leaders.

His Leadership qualities, ethos and character are very much in evidence in today’s Junior Leaders and the current course JL 16 will begin their journey through test phase in less than 48 hours. Fondly remembered and his legacy is embraced through our Partnership with the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation.

Customers came and went, with money being put in the buckets, the Cadets had a laugh and the bags kept getting packed, overall it was a long day yet enjoyable.

Cadet Corporal McHale said “I enjoyed the day very much, it gave those who turned up a chance to socialize and get to know one another better and have a good laugh, and I definitely would do more bag packs in the future.”

Written by Cadet Corporal McHale.