On Thursday 31st March 2022, Central & East Regional Warrant Officer Mike Webb, attended 511 Squadron to present an award to Cadet Corporal Eleanor Spinks for winning the Voice of Central & East Region Competition.

Little did he know that the Acting Regional Commandant, Mr Graham Booth and Senior Staff Officer, Wing Commander David Miller, would take the opportunity to surprise him with a Commandants Commendation!

During 2020 and early 2021 Warrant Officer Webb ran three virtual talent competitions for Cadets and Volunteers in order to provide an opportunity for engagement during Lockdowns

The first competition, The Voice of Central & East Region, ran in mid 2020, followed by Central & East Region Has Talent and they were such a success that Warrant Officer Webb was asked by the Commandant Air Cadets to run a similar competition for the whole Corps!!

“RAFAC Has Talent” was born and ran across several months in early 2021. The competition was an incredible success and culminated in an afternoon of variety watched by hundreds of people from across the Corps.

His Commandants Commendation recognises the incredible hard work of Warrant Officer Webb and the rest of the team from across the Corps in creating an engaging event for Cadets and Volunteers during a time of incredible hardship for the whole of RAF Air Cadets.

Commenting on his commendation, Warrant Officer Webb said “Talk about a GOTCHA moment, it was a total surprise, I was shaking and grinning from ear to ear. I wasn’t expecting anything. I could not have done it without any of the amazing support staff (too many to mention, but you know who you are!)”

Wing Commander Miller said “The role of the Regional Warrant Officer can often be one that is distanced from cadets and from hands-on delivery. Not the case for Warrant Officer Webb who at every opportunity seeks to engage physically within the Region. Well done on the two competitions and this much deserved commendation!”