Father and Daughter’s Lifesaving Skills put into Action

Earlier this week Sergeant Bhavesh Chouhan and Cadet Sergeant Sheena Chouhan from 1947 (Birstall) Squadron Air Training Corps put their lifesaving skills, learnt in the Air Cadets, into action whilst out in the community.

During a normal day out in Belgrave, Leicester Sergeant Chouhan, Cadet Sergeant Chouhan and nephew/cousin Kieran were witness to an incident, resulting in a woman becoming unconscious and requiring help. All rushed into action following the incident with Sergeant Chouhan assessing the woman’s injuries and Cadet Sergeant Chouhan managing the scene and getting in touch with the emergency services.

Following Sergeant Chouhan putting the woman into the recovery position to keep her air ways open, both Sergeant Chouhan and Cadet Sergeant Chouhan remained with her until the emergency services arrived to take over. Reflection on the incident Cadet Sergeant Chouhan said “Although the situation was nerve-racking, our priority was her safety. I am fortunate for the training I’ve received at 1947 (Birstall) Squadron” with Sergeant Chouhan’s adding “It all happened so fast however, instinct took over and we were quickly able to work as a team to secure the area and offer the first aid required. I am immensely proud of my daughter and nephew on how they reacted in this type of situation, both remaining calm and acting effectively.”