The Voice of Central & East Region – Round 6 : Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire Wing

The final round of The Voice of Central & East Region Singing Competition took place on Sunday 6th December. Singers from Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire Wing sang to impress the four judges and gain votes to be in the Judges Cut on the 13th December.

First up was Cadet Jessica Ashdown from 2409 (Halton) Squadron. Cadet Ashdown sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley. 3 judges voted for her and all commented how much more confident her signing became once the hands started to be raised! Warrant Officer Hall was the judge that Cadet Ashdown picked for the next stage of the competition.

Next up was Cadet Tapasya Sharma of 606 (Beaconsfield) Squadron. There were very confused looks on the judges faces initially as they tried to place the song that Cadet Sharma was signing but they all turned to delight once they realised that it was her own song!! All four of the judges voted and all were amazed at the quality of Cadet Sharma’s signing and her song writing abilities, the only contestant to have done so in the competition so far. After much banter, Cadet Sharma chose to be on Warrant Officer Eyre’s team.

All eyes (and ears!) are now focussed on the Judges Cut round which will take place on Sunday 13th December, when we will find out which team each contestant will end up on for the Grand Final!