378 (Mannock) Squadron’s Warrant Officer Coles Celebrates 30 years in the Air Cadets

This year Warrant Officer (WO) Michelle Coles celebrates 30 years in Royal Air Force Air Cadets and has been awarded a Certificate of Meritorious Service for her dedication over these many years.

WO Coles joined 378 (Mannock) Squadron as a cadet on the 17 July 1990. Over the following five years she worked hard as a cadet eventually becoming a Cadet Warrant Officer in February 1995 and leaving cadets when she turned 20 in 1997. She quickly re-joined as a Civilian Instructor at the squadron, helping to deliver the first-class cadet training to new cadets.

In 2004 she successfully passed her board to become appointed as a uniformed adult Sergeant. During her time as uniformed staff she worked hard both at the squadron where she administered the squadron stores and at wing level where she provided support to South & East Midlands Wing radio courses.

As a qualified Netball umpire, she often helped out with Wing and Region Netball selections and helped officiate matches at Wing and Corps level. However, throughout her time she has also branched out beyond Central & East Region.

Alongside her commitments to her own unit, WO Coles regularly helped out with 241 Wanstead & Woodford Squadron drill camp for new cadets, provided key administration and logistical support to the running of the camp. The camp was such a success that it went on to become London Wing’s annual drill camp with WO Coles still continuing to offer support.

Michelle excelled in her success in netball providing vital support to both wing and region netball teams. In 2017 she officially left Mannock Air Cadets to take up a post as one of the deputy region sports officers. However, she didn’t leave Mannock completely, coming back to 378 to help as the squadron Training Officer.

“Michelle, thank you for everything you have done for the squadron and the wider cadet community over your past 30 years as both a cadet and staff” from every cadet and staff member you have supported in those 30 years.