Sutton Coldfield Air Cadet Climbing (Virtual) Everest.


Cadet Thomas Halford, 495 (Sutton Colfield) Squadron, RAF Air Cadets, has got his hiking-boots on, and is in the middle of an endeavour to climb Mount Everest.

There are no ice-axes or Sherpas in sight, because he decided to do this during lockdown by using his stairs, raising money for a charity close to his family’s heart – The Platelet Society.

Tom’s grandad, David suffered a heart attack a few years ago, and needed a quadruple bypass. Without platelet research and the drugs associated with this research, David may not be with us today.

Cdt Halford and his mother on their own “Everest”

Tom’s challenge is no mean feat, as he has to climb a total of 3,094 flights (40,218 individual steps of stairs). This is a good cardiovascular exercise for Tom, and he’s even got blisters on his toes from running up and down so often.

Mount Everest is the world’s highest peak at 29,029 above sea level. At the moment Tom is two weeks into the expedition and is currently resting out at Base Camp, at 17,400 feet, following the West Ridge route. Refer to the map.

His mother Gayle, who is also undertaking the climb and acting as Head Sherpa said “We’re on target to finish in a couple of weeks (I had an ankle injury, so that put us back a few days), but we will finish together”. She added “I think we will need a new carpet after, anyway that’s what I will tell my husband”.

If you would like to sponsor Cdt Halford, here is the link:

or if you would like to find out more about The Platelet Society please visit:

Cadet Halford would like to thank everyone who has supported and sponsored him so far.