The enforces pausing of normal cadet activity has certainly not dampened the enthusiasm of the cadets or the ingenuity of the staff to “Carry On”.

Embracing the available technology, squadrons are beginning to hold Virtual Parade Nights where cadets can catch up with their friends, exchange ideas, learn and have fun in a safe “on line” environment.

One such squadron, 209 (West Bridgford) held a virtual meeting on Thursday and reported that 40 cadets logged on and took part in planning what the squadron would do in the coming weeks of isolation.  The evening ended with a general knowledge quiz.  

The squadron’s commander, Flight Lieutenant Jade Brock, spoke in praise of her cadets and staff; “It’s so important for us to remain in contact during these difficult times and I am so proud that the cadets of 209 once again took it in their stride and brought so much energy to the meeting, along with lots of smiles”

Please could squadrons keep us informed of their activities and their stories during these difficult times.   

Stay safe.