Raft of Awards Presented by Mayor

The annual civic visit by the Mayor, Councillor Nick Daubney, to the Headquarters of King’s Lynn’s 42F Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets took place on Monday 15th April.

During the evening visit the Mayor, accompanied by his wife, Mayoress Cheryl Daubney, visited the classrooms observing the cadets studying a number of aviation based subjects. He then returned outside where the squadron’s recently formed drum corps was practising. After his chat with them he persuaded the Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Flight Lieutenant Pauline Petch, to allow them to participate in the town’s forthcoming colourful Hansa Festival. This celebrates King’s Lynn’s membership of the international Hanseatic League for which Mr. Daubney is the English Commissioner.

The visit concluded with the Mayor presenting a raft of awards to cadets which had been gained for a number of achievements over the recent weeks and months. These included ten First Class Cadet Classifications, one Senior Cadet Classification, ten Youth First Aid certificates and three Aviation Training Package (Powered Flight) Blue Wings Badges,

Six promotions were also announced to the assembled cadets at this time and the Mayor was privileged to present the new rank slides to four cadets promoted to Cadet Corporal, one further promoted to Cadet Sergeant and a promotion to Cadet Flight Sergeant.

At the conclusion of the presentations Mr. Daubney gave a short address to the cadets during which he went on to say that “as Mayor I am speaking on behalf of the Town and Borough as a whole when I say that King’s Lynn Air Cadets are held in high regard for the way in which you support the community” and went on to say that having presented so many awards all should be proud of their own achievements.