Baling Out for Charity

The sky really is the limited for 17 (Coningsby) Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets when it comes to fund raising. Cadets; Sergeant Danny Sutherland, Sergeant David Gibson, Corporal Sarah Plowman, Corporal Ethan Stephens and Sergeant Heather Sutherland are planning to jump 13,000 feet out of an aeroplane (with a parachute each of course). They hope to raise in excess of £1,000 for their death defying feat.


Sergeant Heather Sutherland said, “At 17 Squadron we are always looking for imaginative fund raising ideas. Jumping out of an aeroplane seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s for a good cause and I am sure it will be a lot of fun”.


Anyone wishing to sponsor these fearless cadets they can do so by following this link: