ROYAL AIR FORCE Launches Instagram AR App Competition To celebrate Centenary


Re-create the awe-inspiring RAF flypast from the comfort of your living room.

On the 10th July, the Royal Air Force flew 100 aircraft over Central London to celebrate our 100-year birthday. We hope you enjoyed seeing what was by far the largest mass of RAF aircraft seen over the UK capital in living memory.

If you missed all the action, you can still view our brilliant AR recreation on our social media channels. But why not go a stage further and have some fun by recreating your own flypast? The RAF has created a RAF100 Flypast free AR app for iOS and Android that lets you experience all the fun!

The RAF are running a competition to encourage users to share their finest images and video of their favourite flypasts in their best locations over the summer using the #RAF100 hashtag and posted to Instagram. The RAF will then choose the best content from younger users and invite them to display their achievements on the big screen in the RAF100 Inspire Zone at the Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow on 22nd – 23rd September.

There are nearly 40 types of aircraft featured on the app, spanning the entire history of the RAF, from the latest, state-of-the-art F35 Lightning, to the iconic Spitfire and the Sopwith Camel. RAF capabilities and platforms yet to enter service will also feature, providing an exciting showcase window to the future.  The aircraft have been released in tranches to mark the different stages of the RAF100 Aircraft Tour. The next instalment takes place during the Birmingham Aircraft Tour from 25th- 27th August.

Further flypast releases will mark the different stages of the RAF100 Aircraft Tour, which is open to the public and will visiting Glasgow from 31 August to 2nd September and Manchester from 14th to 16th September. Visitors will be able to get up close to a mixture of active, heritage and replica aircraft on display, all of which having played a major part in the RAF’s 100-year history and will do so moving forwards. This includes the new F35-B Lightning II – Britain’s newest, state of the art stealth combat aircraft that has just come into service.

The app was created in partnership with students from Lincoln University. It was tested with Air Training Corps cadets as well as school children from Lincolnshire to ensure it struck the right chord to engage with young audiences.

“Users will be able to collect their own planes and create their own flypasts, as well as discovering facts and stories about some of our most iconic aircraft. And of course they can replay the fantastic RAF100 flypast from the comfort of their own gardens or bedrooms,” says Air Commodore Chris Jones. “The App is a fun way to showcase the RAF’s use of innovation and technology, and we hope it will inspire the next generation of aerospace pioneers.”

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