Scunthorpe Air Cadets under the Microscope

Having been selected as the Central and East Region’s Morris Trophy candidate, the Air Cadets of 119 (Scunthorpe) Squadron pulled out all the stops to convince the Commandant Air Cadets that they were “the best”.
As part of the selection process, the nominated Royal Air Force Air Cadet (RAFAC) squadrons from each of the six Regions are inspected by the Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty, as part of a process that ensures that the cadets are safely delivered the “Cadet Experience” to the highest possible standard.
After a parade, inspection and March Past, the squadron set to work convincing the Commandant that the Scunthorpe cadets and the amazing squadron staff went far beyond what would normally be accepted. Displaying their excellence in the elements of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the cadets confidently encouraged the Commandant to join in the fun of the virtual world.
Other stands displayed the squadrons achievements in the delivery of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the squadron’s history.
The evening closed with the Commandant presenting certificates, predominantly Institute of Leadership and Management certificates, to well deserving cadets.
The Commandant expressed her great pleasure, and for the first time on such an evening, Air Commodore McCafferty presented Jordan Johnson with his Acting Pilot Officer bars after his successful completion of the selection process.
Of the evening, fifteen years old Cadet William Rae said; “I am proud to be part of the squadron and feel that winning the Trophy would bring recognition of the Air Cadets work in the local community. The Commandant was great, she made every one feel at ease and took a real interest in everything we did. Its all fingers crossed now”.