Honours for Region Staff

The New Year’s Honours List for 2017 saw recognition for the hard work, and dedication of the Royal Air Force Air Cadet Volunteers across Central and East Region.

Nathan Wilks Ident and ATC portrait, Consent form with job sheet

Heading the list was Wing Commander Nathan Wilks, the Region’s Assistant Regional Commandant and the Region’s Aviation Officer, who has been awarded the Chief of the Air Staffs Commendation.  Nathan’s drive and determination has been a great influence on the Region’s success at all levels.   On receiving this well deserved accolade, Nathan said; “I have been completely overwhelmed by the flood of congratulatory Facebook posts, messages, Tweets, texts and calls that have been continuous since the New Years Honours list being released last night. I am truly humbled to have been recognised with a Chief of the Air Staffs’ Commendation – a fantastic end to a very busy 2017. My sincere thanks to my team and colleagues who have done such a fantastic job in the region over the last couple of years, however the biggest thanks must go to Victoria for her support. She is the one that has to deal with everything at home whilst I am often consumed with work for days on end, in and out of the house as if it’s a hotel, not to mention dealing with my ‘huffs’ when things aren’t going quite as planned at work. Without her none of this would be possible – it is that simple. All that remains to say is a very Happy New Year to all of my family, friends and colleagues – I am sure 2018 will be just as challenging, exciting and enjoyable as this year – I’m (nearly) ready to do it all again

 Squadron Leader Jodi Hudson of South and East Midlands Wing has been awarded the Air Officer Commanding 22 (Training) Group’s Commendation in recognition of his outstanding leadership of the Wing’s Cadet Development Team in delivering high level quality cadet training across the South and East Midlands Wing.

Warrant Officer Vic Moran is also in receipt of the Air Officer Commanding 22 (Training) Group’s Commendation recognising his valued Service to his squadron and to Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire Wing.

As a reward for outstanding Team efforts, the Wing Easter Camp Executive Team and the Wing Nijmegen Marches Support Team from Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing have been awarded the Air Officer Commanding 22 (Training) Group’s Team Commendations.

A great start to the Region for the New Year which will, no doubt, be action packed and fun filled for the cadets and staff.