‘First Time Flyers Take to the Skies’


Since April 2017 nine cadets from 1109 (Thetford) Squadron have taken to the skies at the Air Experience Flight School, RAFC Cranwell who is now home to the centre after the recent switch from RAF Wyton. 1109 IMG_2121
Air Experience Flights, otherwise known as ‘AEF’ allows cadets the opportunity to experience flying under the wings of former Royal Air Force pilots. On arrival the cadets have a pre-flight safety brief by the Officer Commanding and after suited and booted, they are seated in the aircraft and soon take to the skies. The pilots explain all there is to know during the forty five minute flight from the pre take off checks, the array of controls when in the air and of course landing.
The cadets are advised to get as much as they can out of their flight and are given the opportunity to take the controls and experience the thrill of flying first hand. For the more adrenaline fuelled cadets, they can experience aerobatics including loops, barrel rolls and stall turns.
Many of the cadets from 1109 were first time flyer with the ATC so it was a very exciting opportunity for them all. Some of these cadets have had to wait a number of months until they were the right age and classification, but it was definitely worth the wait and they care looking forward to their next opportunity!