Central and East Region Staff Drill Course

RAF Wittering saw the inaugural Central & East Region Staff Drill Course (SDC) over the weekend of the 16-18th June 2017.
A total of 15 students completed the weekend’s activities and the objectives outlined in the program of activities. Battling the 30+ degree heat and hours on their feet the students maintained professional and engaged in the training throughout.
The course was designed and created by the Region Warrant Officer Dan Haywood, the concept behinIMG_5145d the course is to allow gradual phased training to all Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) within the Region in the area of drill and ceremonial. Module one is aimed at those with very little or no experience, in particular those about to embark on their Adult Training Facility course. The module covers basic static drill and progressing to movements on the march in quick time. The unique aspect to this module is that it is also open to civilian instructors with a view of feeding their desire to enter into uniformed service within the RAFAC.
“The course delivered all the objectives and more, it had a friendly atmosphere and the relaxed approach to training made it enjoyable.” commented Flight Sergeant (RAFAC) Bayliss from 422 Corby Squadron, South & East Midlands Wing..IMG_5200

Running concurrently to Module 1 was Module 2 that concentrated on those staff having been in uniform for some time now that required further knowledge enhancement or even an interest in becoming a drill instructor.
This Module saw students cover parade formats and control of a squad including voice projection exercises. Input in banner drill and guidance on ACTO 120 was also given to the students. At the end of the weekend those that wish to become a Drill Instructor were given the opportunity to be assessed for suitability.

“The modules not only serve to teach CFAV from around the region theoretical and practical drill, it offers a chance to meet like minded staff members who have different ceremonial engagements in different wings. It is also worth mentioning that this course allows RAFAC Drill Iinstructors the chance to instruct beyond a basic level, this ensures their instructional techniques are refreshed and current.” said WO (RAFAC) Dan Haywood the course Director and Region Warrant Officer for the Central & East Region.

Feedback was given by the students which enables the Directing Sfaff to make minor adjustment for the benefit of the next course attendees. Very positive and complementary comments formed a reoccurring theme along with many saying how beneficial they found it and weren’t expecting such a diverse learning environment.
Civilian Instructor (CI) Jenny Pye from Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Wing says “As a new CI I was really nervous in the run up to the course about my lack of drill experience. I didn’t need to worry as the instructors put me at ease straight away and let me learn at my own pace. In the end, I left the course feeling really confident about the progress I’d made and the new drill skills I’ve learnt.”
It is hoped that a further course will be ran in the autumn/winter where the chance to beat the highest step count of this course 26,000 in one day can be broken. Watch out for advertisement via your Wing Warrant Officer’s.