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There are lots of  reasons why we are different to other squadrons, One such reason  is that we are willing to try  almost everything. All squadrons have Christmas parties and Easter holidays but as far as I know we are the only ones who try Ramadan.

On Friday we are doing our  annual fasting day. One of the main reasons why Muslims fast is to help us understand how the millions of people who live  n poverty around the world manage without food and water. On Friday all those who wanted to try Ramadan for the day had to remember to not eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset (02:35 till 21:23). As this was the middle of the summer this is a very long time (5th longest in the world) therefore it was important that they prepared the day before by drinking lots of water.

We started this challenge to help us better understand the experience of our Muslim cadets, particularly the NCO’s, who have to come to Squadron having fasted all day and every year more and more cadets are keen to take up the challenge. The challenge is entirely voluntary and this year 11 cadets and 1 member of staff undertook it, before breaking the fast after Final Parade with a meal kindly provided by the Sheikh family. This event wasn’t even over before the cadets asked if we would do it again next year. Ci Sheikh said “He is very much appreciative that so many of you give it a go each year and I think such a big sacrifice says a lot about our Squadron.”

CI Sheikh