Guard of Honour at Cranwell

Last week, 52 cadets from South and East Midlands Wing Air Cadets represented the Air Training Corps as Guard of Honour for the Chief of Air Staff Dining In.

Within the Guard of Honour Squad, there were six cadets from Long Eaton Air Cadets, Cadet Warrant Officer Damien Simpson, Cadet Flight Sergeant Nicole Walker, Cadet Sergeants James Bland and Craig Harrison, Cadet Corporal Catherine McHale and Emi Ephraim, and Cadet Olivia Olsson.
The cadets arrived in their numbers on the Coaches at RAF Cranwell, being nervous and excited to be the Guard of Honour for all high ranking officers in the Royal Air Force including Air Chief Marshall Sir Andrew Pulford. The excitement was beaming off the cadets as they had the opportunity to have front row seats to watch the roaring Euro Fighter, the iconic Spitfire and the celebrated Chinook in a flypast over Cranwell College. 2195 CAS
Firstly, the cadets gathered in the Adult Training Facility to be briefed by South and East Midlands’ Wing Warrant Officer; also to be given certificates by Commandant Air Cadets – Dawn Mcafferty. In recognition of the Air Cadets who were Guard of Honour at tonight’s Dining In.
The Cadets then changed into their uniform, gleaming with perfection, showing the high standards of the Air Training Corps. The cadets then took to the stage and took their spots in front of the College to be seen by the Royal Air Force VIPs entering the college. The cadets saw Officers from all over the country but especially OC 22 Group Air Vice-Marshal A M Turner and the head of the prestigious Royal Air Force – Air Chief Marshall Sir Andrew Pulford.
The ceremonial parade consisted of the immensely admired 63 Squadron Queen’s Colour Squadron RAF Regiment Ceremonial Drill Display and The Band of the Royal Air Force College Cranwell- showing their high complex continuity drill sequence and intense-joyful music.
As the QCS finished their display and paid compliments to Air Marshall Sir Andrew Pulford, on queue; with precision accuracy, the intense roaring engines of the Eurofighter flew over the top of Cranwell College. Then minutes after the iconic Spitfire flew low giving a brilliant view for the Air Cadets and Royal Air Force Officers- showing the Spitfire distinctiveness. Finally, the celebrated chinook’s iconic sound of its rotor blades were heard and flew straight in front of the Officers and Air Cadets.
As the parade ended the Commandant, OC 22 Group and Air Chief Marshall Sir Andrew Pulford applauded the cadets for their high standards and had photos with all the officers and distinguished guests.
Cadet Sergeant Craig Harrison said, “It was an experience never to forget especially to meet many Chief of Air Staff and to talk to the Commandant Air Cadets. And the fly past was dazzling!”

Written by Cadet Sergeant J Bland