Original Squadron Member Found

With 2016 being the Corps and the Squadrons 75th Anniversary 1070 (Diss) Squadron had been searching for previous members to see what they were up to today. During their search they expected to find many recent members but never expected to find one of the very first. 1070 Orginal Member

Mr Leslie Burrows, aged 92, Joined the squadron when it was first formed and located at the Grammar School. He was given the cadet number of 45, being the 45th cadet to join the new unit. On Thursday 23rd June Mr Burrows returned to the unit, at it’s newer location on Sunny Side, to give a talk about his time as a member.

Mr Burrows had the cadets in silence listening to the memories that he shared and he even gave them a performance of a song. He was then kind enough to donate to the squadron an ATC buttonhole badge that he was given at the time of joining. The staff and cadets of the squadron hopes that this is the first of many meetings with Mr Burrows.