1331 Stowmarket Air Cadets Complete Red Gables Project!

1331 garden 2015-06-17 19.35.07-20150710-155933795

Last year, some of  1331’s Cadets volunteered to help with the Red Gables Garden Project, in Stowmarket ,  by helping to reconstruct an area for a greenhouse to stand.
After months of hard work and dedication, the cadets, who are currently working towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, have finally completed their challenge!
The Red Gables Garden Project aims to improve knowledge about sustainable gardening and increase wildlife numbers, whilst developing social skills.
The hours that the cadets have dedicated to the project will be counted towards the completion of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, which also requires them to complete many other challenges including organising and taking part in expeditions.
Photos above include two “before” shot and two photos after the event.