Volunteer Awarded with Promotion

A local RAF Air Cadet adult volunteer from 195 (Grimsby) Squadron was recently rewarded for his hard work with a promotion.
Chris French was rewarded with the rank of Flight Sergeant after 7 years as a staff member, owing to his high level of dedication to the corps. The promotion follows his time as a sports officer on Squadron, during which he organised many popular sporting events, as well as overseeing one of the squadron’s most successful field craft camps.
Following this promotion, Flight Sergeant French said: “I am really proud to have received this promotion.
“Going forward, I will be continuing to help organise and support events for our cadets to ensure they get the best out of their time in the Corps.”
Flight Lieutenant Terance Shird, Officer Commanding 195 Squadron, said: “As Squadron Commander, I’m lucky to have a very dedicated team of adult staff volunteers, of which Flight Sergeant French is a part of.
“Chris has worked hard for his promotion, and I look forward to working with him further in his new role.