Saturday 14 May 2016 saw three staff from the South and East Midlands Wing attend the first Staff Potential Drill Instructors Course which was held at 2229 (Loughborough) Squadron.

The Wing one day course was an intensive training day culminating in a video assessment of each staff member. The course is intended to give an insight into the role of a qualified Air Cadet Organisation (ACO) Drill Instructor and to prepare the candidate for attending RAF Cranwell Adult Training Facility(ATF) for the week long Drill Instructor course.

Student instructors had previously been allocated a drill movement to learn and teach before attending the course and each movement was taught in accordance with RAF teaching practice, commonly known as ‘the drill mutual’.
The mutual comprises an in depth method of instruction which is designed to incorporate established lesson plans within the RAF drill manual, AP 818.
Each individual student worked alongside ACO Drill Instructors to break down and understand the movement before conducting a lesson.

The Course Director, WO PHILLIPS said; “each student that attended came with the hard work attitude that is necessary for the role and committed themselves whole heartedly to the training day. Obtaining the qualification is not a given, and this course certainly reinforces our commitment to providing smart, dedicated staff to progress to the role of ACO Drill Instructor.”
Sergeant (ATC) Jess Clark of 1359 (BEESTON) Squadron attended the course and said; “I attended the day with view at extending my own knowledge and ability to instruct drill and work towards attending a course at RAF Cranwell. I have found the day challenging but really rewarding.”