Local Cadets get First Taste of Flying


Two local air cadets have had their first taste of life above the clouds after a day of air experience flying at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.
The two RAF Air Cadets from 195 (Grimsby) Squadron joined other cadets from across Lincolnshire at the local RAF base earlier this week for the experience.
Cadet Pozarlik, aged 15, and Cadet Balch, aged 13, each spent about 40 minutes in a Grob Tutor propeller-driven aircraft, completing aerobatic moves at altitude.
Cadet Pozarlik said: “I got to take the plane upside-down and experienced g-force. I really loved it.”
Cadet Balch agreed: “It was really great. The pilot let me behind the controls for quite a while, and I got to perform a barrel-roll.”
Flight Lieutenant Terance Shird, Officer Commanding 195 Squadron, said: “Flying is one of the RAF Air Cadets’ flagship activities.
“In this area especially, because of the relatively short distance between us and RAF Cranwell, we are able to send quite a few of our cadets flying nearly every month.
“We have had cadets in the past that have ended up being shown how to take off and land the aircraft, and have completed those manoeuvres themselves.”